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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tree Trimming

We had a storm go through with thunder and lightening and HAIL!

The kids could not believe that ice fell from the sky!
We heard afterward that the winds were clocked at 50-60 kns!!
We lost power for 6 hours too.

The day after the storm a tree service went around the neighborhood to see if anyone needed any work done. We decided to have him check out a few of the big trees in the back yard.

This was the first big tree he climbed, so cool to watch

You can see his feet hanging down from the really large limb

Hey - there is a man in your tree!!

We had to cut off this large branch that hung over the house

Watching all the action from the back porch, fascinating...

I ran up to Danny's school to pick him up early because I knew he would love to watch this!

The carnage around one of the big trees, turns out it had a huge hole inside that was full of water and ants. The hole went about 3 feet down the tree!

Tree trimming :) He was cutting down some really thick vines that had entangled two of the trees in the back

Danny helping, he busted his butte. The guys said he was great!

One of the tree guys cutting the big tree into smaller sections

A disc cut out of the tree for us, look at the size of that hole!!

We are so lucky this tree did not come down in the storm we had :(

I had my meeting with the hip specialist and he told me that there is only one option left for me at this point and it is a total hip replacement! 4-6 days in the hospital, then to rehab and then home. 6-8 weeks recovery. Maybe somewhat functioning by 4-6 months!! what the he**
The best part was this was just before my birthday, happy day :(
My gyn wants to do more tests to find out what is going on with my innards.
My Pcp and gyn want to find out if there are more problems and if they are from the chemo, so more tests, a bone density test next monday, bloodwork, ultrasound the week after, mammo the week after that and then I see them all again plus my oncologist.
Dan & I had a long talk and realized that it was just too much with a puppy in the house. The dogs were getting into it, Victoria was getting scared of her because she is so rambunctious, and she has almost knocked me off my feet several times.
But the best part is that when the tree guys were here we were talking to them about our predicament the owner without hesitating said he would take her!
Turns out to be the best thing for him and his family too! They have an older dog and the kids play with Lexi all the time! We talk every couple of days to check on her and are meeting at the dog park this weekend so the dogs can play and we can see her.
The night she left had to be one of the hardest and longest ever! It just broke my heart and I felt responsible because of my dam* hip :(
We were all sobbing as Glen led her to his truck, except for Ms V who was happily eating her dinner :)
Dan called Glen first thing the next morning to check on her :)
Can't wait to see her! Danny is very excited about seeing her new family :)
Fate is so mysterious, things work out the way they are meant to :)
Will keep you all updated :)


Sally- That Girl! said...

Sorry to hear about the dog and your dam* hip!!! Sounds like rehousing the dog was a smart move though especially if you are headed towards a hip replacement!

Keep us posted on all your results. Praying for you in California!!!

Don and Be said...

There always seems to be excitement at your place! You must be relieved now that the work is over and the storm has passed.
Hoping for all the right decisions regarding your hip, Nan. ... and sorry the puppy didn't work out for your family. How wonderful that someone was waiting in the wings for a puppy.