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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Another Dannyism :)

So the other day Danny asked to do my hair, which usually means putting as many hair clips in as he can :) so I say sure!
Danny disappears in my bedroom and I hear him getting stuff from under the sink.
He stands behind me on my chair and starts brushing my hair and puts in about 3 hair clips. He then runs off into my bathroom and returns and starts rubbing something in my hair. He tells me he is gelling my hair. I don't think anything of it :(
It smells kind of flowery so I keep playing with Victoria.
He then gets a cup of water and is patting my hair with his damp hands.
After a couple of minutes he runs back into bathroom and returns once again. The next thing I know he has plugged in a hair dryer and is drying my hair! I do not use it so I don't know how he even knew how to use it!!
I reach up into my hair and feel suds?!?!?!?
So I ask Danny what he put in my hair and he says "gel" so I ask him to show it to me.
Danny runs back into my bathroom and returns with a large bottle of Soft Soap and proudly says "see mom, gel" :( :(
Hopefully I have learned my lesson :)


KiT said...

Hee hee. As soon as you relax, they think of something new huh?

Diana said...

LOL! My daughter used to put "rainbow sparkels" in my hair when she was this age. One time it was lip gloss!

Natalie C. said...

how funny!

Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

That is funny!!!

Alleen said...

HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!! You're a good sport!