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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Freezing our a**es off :)

We arrived in Massachusetts on Thursday. Our flight was delayed coming in because of bad weather and visibility. We left mid 70's and arrived into mid 30's!!
Danny is so excited about seeing his cousins and playing in the snow :)
We are staying at my dad's and he had to promise to actually have the heat on at his house :) :0

Feeding Feral kitties with Grammy.

With Grampy visiting the ladies at Grampy's work :)

Danny sledding on Andrade hill with his cousins! He loved it!!!

My beautiful niece Nicole trying to play catch with Victoria, but Victoria kept scooting around to sit inside Nicole's legs :) Nicole played with Victoria the whole time we were hanging there.

My niece and nephews keeping Victoria in "baby jail"

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Natalie C. said...

looks like fun...i miss the snow...vicoria looks so cute in her sweater jacket and her hair up like that