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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Saturday fun!

Dan's daughter Tracy and her husband Dan are down in Marco for Christmas. They come down every year to get out of the cold for the holiday. We usually see them a couple of times while they are here. Saturday was our first visit and we hung around the condo and then headed out to the Tiki bar for a wonderful lunch! (and by the way - it was 80 degrees :) )

Victoria signing "please"! She uses it all the time now. We are working on more and thank you now :)

I took a shower while Victoria was playing in the other room. While getting dressed I heard her Elmo car coming around the corner and thought "here she comes". The next thing I knew she climbed into the WET shower in her pj's and started playing in the water :) Dan went in to get her out and she just laughed and kept slipping away from him. So she ended up taking a shower with Dan :) :0 :)

Once the kids opened their gift bags at the condo, the clothes were discarded and the bags were fun toys. Danny kept running around with the gift bags over his head and the tissue paper wrapped around him - goof ball! :)

Danny and Victoria played forever with these pillow on the floor! Who needs toys??

Victoria playing at the condo - with a dog bone in each hand! Great teethers!

Yup - the guys ate raw oysters! bleccchhhh :)

Victoria, Tracy and Danny looking at the boats


Natalie C. said...

more and all done are the only signs caleb cared to glad your stepdaughter came down to see ya'll

Sally- That Girl! said...

Love the photo with the dog bones in each hand. Now she can't get any cuter than that!!!!

Alleen said...

Sounds like you had a nice holiday!!!!

Love the dog bone teethers, ha ha ha.