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Friday, December 14, 2007

FFF (Favorite foto friday)

This is little missy while we were waiting for the holiday show to start and Danny's bus to show up!

This is Danny at a local high school. They invited the ESE preschool classes from two local elementary schools and had them in for milk and cookies, Santa and presents and a holiday show!! How cool is that! Danny got a matchbox set from Santa and was so excited!!

I don't know why - but I am just not in the holiday spirit this year :(
I usually love this time of year and last year was so exciting as we spent Christmas in Guatemala on our second visit trip.
I have been waiting for 3 years to have Victoria with us at Christmas and don't understand why I am not over the moon :(
I am sad that time is going by so fast, she is almost walking. I am sad my mom moved already and we are still here waiting! I feel like I have been waiting for one thing or another forever!!
We had to take Danny to a psychologist yesterday so we can get testing done so we can get a better handle on what he needs to get him ready for kindegarten. It is so sad that it is so hard for him and it is not his fault! We do everything we can for these kids, but we can not change that he was in an orphanage for 20 months of his life with so little stimulation :( He has come so far but still has so far to go.
We already did the Connors testing for ADD/ADHD and it showed he is not ADD/ADHD. But he has a problem with impulsiveness, over stimulation, calming himself, can be very emotional and immature. He has done really well with the ESE preschool class he is in. So we will see what happens with this testing, it should take about a month for all of it to be done.
We are heading up north after Christmas and they have had so much snow already! Danny is so excited about playing in it, but we are not looking forward to having to drive in it as we have not done that for over 12 years!
Enough of this pity party... gotta head out to lunch with my gals and gossip! That always makes me feel better!


Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

Looks like fun. Love the picture. Her hair is so cute.

Sig said...

I am sorry yuo are Bah-humbugging. I did that last year. Give yourself a break, I bet you will love Christmas day when the kdis open their gifts!! :)

PS- gave Holly your EM addy :)

Natalie C. said...

i love her hair up in pig tails...

Natalie C. said...

i hope everything with danny works out so he is really ready to start kindergarden

Kelly said...

Those pigtails! OH so cute!

Please let us know what happens with the testing. I know we have a long road of that sort of thing ahead of us, too. Hope it gives you some ANSWERS and a PLAN.

KiT said...

Sorry about the blahs. I have them too right now, and also not sure why... I'm gonna email you re: the testing.

Our Family of 5 said...

Loving her ponys!!


What a beautiful, thoughtful girl. Garrett was so excited to see his buddy Danny. Please tell him hello from us.

We were visiting Elena at Christmas last year, too. We stayed at the Marriott for the week. Any chance our paths may have crossed???

As for the holidays, Chris and I have started to think that if we aren't in GC for Christmas it just isn't the same -- guess that comes from being there the last two years. Maybe we need to go out and buy some pinatas and fireworks and make up some tamales???