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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

The kids' first view of the tree! They were both up at 6:30 and Danny was raring to go!

This is Victoria's big present - (took me almost 2 hours to put together!)
She and Danny have played with it constantly!! :o

This was Danny's big present besides his VSmile game console and games. Danny has played with both since opening them :) Santa did good :) :)

We had a wonderful dinner with our friends Sue and Ray. They have a huge yard so Danny could run all he wanted :) We have been getting together for Christmas for years now. It started as a bunch of us with no family down here spending the holiday together and has continued every year since :) this year we had turkey though Sue usually slow cooks a pig. By February she will have a couple of baby goats and we will be back to visit again :)

We stayed there for a couple of hours and then headed to our friends Collin and Yuliya's. I used to work with Collin and Yuliya is his Ukrainian wife. They are a wonderful couple and we enjoy their company. We met Collin just before our trip to Ukriane two years ago and he was so helpful to us. God truly put him in our path and they will always be our friends.

Just can't keep my eyes open one more second :)

Danny playing with his transformer in the car

The kids playing in Sasha's room! Victoria loved this christmas box. You push a button and it lights and moves and plays music. We had a wonderful desert once again, made by Ms. Yuliya. My stomach hurt so bad I thought I was going to explode :( We got home at 8:45 and by 9:00 both kids were sound asleep and by 9:30 we were both asleep too!!
I hope everyone had a wonderful day full of love, laughter, hugs and kisses!!


Natalie C. said...

so glad the kids had fun...that's what christmas is all about

Diana said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas!


What wonderful holiday memories! Please tell Danny and Victoria we wish them a Merry Christmas!

Kim said...

What a great day you guys had!!