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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Time is just flying!

We made it home safe and sound from Jacksonville, the ride home was actually pretty good. We stopped in Bradenton for lunch and hung there for about an hour, gosh we were not happy to get back in the car again!
Can't believe we have been home over 6 months!
We just passed the magical day where Victoria has been with us longer than she was in foster care. I know it is just a mental date, but for some reason so very important. She just turned 14 months old!
She is just blossoming! Her 9th tooth, a canine, just broke the skin and #10, the other canine, is very close to breaking through.
We have been transitioning to one nap per day and it has been tough. But we have started walking the dogs again in the morning so she may nod off for 1/2 hour then and she barely makes it through lunch she is so tired. But the good thing is that her nap is about 2 1/2 hours now!!
We tell her "hand, walk" and she reaches up with one hand and grabs onto our finger and pulls herself up and will walk, walk, walk! She is getting so much better with her balance.
Just yesterday she suddenly started standing all by herself, even bent down to pick something up and got right back up again!
Today she took her first step without holding on at all!!
We are really concentrating on getting her to eat more table food and the poor thing is constipated :(
We are still working on the sippy cup deal, she just does not like them. I have several different kinds and have been trying one per day. We had lunch out today and she had a bit of egg and a bit of tuna and liked both.
Danny really seems to be finally getting the hang of school! He has had a week of great days and has been in a great mood every day. The alphabet and numbers are finally starting to stick and he gets his colors right 80% of the time.
My babies are growing up! sniff, sniff
We just booked our flights to visit family up north between christmas and new years. I had to go on ebay to get winter clothes!! It will be a nice break and then we will be ready to be back in the warm weather!! :)


Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

Glad you made it back safe and sound.

lap said...

Hi Nancy!

I met the little princess this past spring/summer when you visited your Dad's work.

Regarding the sippy cup issue, my granddaughter did not like the sippy cup either. They tried just about every sippy cup out on the market. Finally they tried the NUBY cup (the one with the soft
sipper). That's the one that did the trick! NUBY makes alot of different types of sippers. Soft, Hard and ones with a straw like sipper. If you haven't tried this type yet, maybe your princess will
take to it. My granddaughter went from the soft type, to the straw like type in a matter of months. Now she drinks out of a cup with no cover @ 2 1/2.

Hope this helps! Good Luck!

KiT said...

Just got my computer fixed and so glad to check in and see everyone doing so well. Thanks for the update!