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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Finally feeling better :)

PTL! The fevers finally broke last night and have not been seen since!
She actually slept in her own bed last night and only woke up once.
Her cough is still pretty bad, but she is still on anti's and breathing treatments.

Yesterday Danny and his cub scout pack had a pinewood derby.
He got third place and gets to go race at the district level!!!

Here are our boots all lined up after waterproofing!


Anonymous said...

Nancy, We made it to Kiev! I am on the laptop and havent figured email out yet... Haven't slept a wink since the last night at home and am starting to feel it! Very interesting place here and the people are interesting too. All are in such a hurry and not real friendly. More later :) Jodi

Cindy said...

You table of boots looks like my bathtub!!! Lined up drying w/ waterproofing!!!! The things we do!!!!! haha

babyarnie said...

Won't be long until you'll have another pair of boots to weatherproof!

Anonymous said...

hi nancy, good day, but COLD! holy smokes is it cold. appt is at 9 am. the women here arent real freindly, but sure are dressy!! wow, I am just plain frumpy compared to them. Please say a prayer for tomorrow. We havent been able to call and talk to the kids either, no minutes on the phone or something...they dont know how to work the computer either, so mmaybe tomorrow I can get the phone thing figured out :) Hope all is well with you and your family, your date is coming soon!!! Jodi

Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy, I cant access email, so i dont have you email adress. Anyway, tell me what your description of serge is... because he is not the same guy i thought. I'm curious to see if its who you think, description wise. He wanted us to fly back home because he doesnt know how long we will have to wait for the interpol thing, but i said no, i will stay. He strongly recommmends letting him set up the lodging, he says we will get ripped off,and wont know what we are getting into. oh, and i had the new pic of artiom for a few hours but then they came back and got it- decided it had to be in the documents. maybe i'll get it back. I'm not really sure what to expect at this point...I would like to talk to you a little about it, our email is maybe it will work, and i'll email you back. still havent talked to kids at home, no minutes or something.