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Thursday, January 21, 2010

SSSOOOO Tired!!!!!

Little princess is still under the weather. The pediatrician had us giving her alternating doses of tylenol and motrin every 4 hours. She is so miserable, these high temps are just knocking her out. She alternates being hot and cold, does not want to eat at all, is breathing so heavy. The doctor told us to just ride it out. She is not sleeping well, which means Dan & I are not sleeping well. It is like having a furnace plastered against your side. She thrashes all around and talks ALOT!

Last night mom & I got away just the two of us!

It was awesome!! We had a great time!

When I got home Ms V was in our bed and once again buring up! Her temp was 104.5 again!!
Another very long night for us. At 4 this am I took her and went into the living room. I settled her on my flannel pjs on her back and she slept like a baby. As did Dan in the bedroom by himself :)
When I woke up at 7:00 she was still sleeping and my pjs were soaked with her sweat!
Her temp had finally broken :)
Or so I thought, 2 hours later it was right back up there and she had thrown up twice :(
Here she is relaxing and watching tv today:)

We called the pediatrician who asked us to bring her right back in. Turns out the poor thing now has double ear infections and the start of pneumonia!! We are not sure of a UTI yet, the sample has been sent off. So she is now on an antibiotic and back on her breathing treatments.

I so hope she starts to feel better soon!!
I am too old for lack of sleep 4 nights in a row :)