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Monday, January 25, 2010


This post is for Jodi!
I know you can read my blog, but have not posted on yours yet.


So happy to hear you will have your appt at 9!! I will make sure I am up and praying and thinking of you all!

You need to buy minutes. They sell them everywhere. They also sell internet cards. Both sell minutes, the internet cards can be bought for a time period.

I bought our phone minutes and then had the vendor add the minutes to my phone since I couldn’t read the directions on the card or the phone 

Be safe, have fun. Chat won’t be the same without you guys tonight.

Anything about the Interpol clearances??

Send me your cell number and I will give you a call!! I am pretty sure incoming calls don’t use up your minutes!


Take care,


,ovv53x65te (that is hello from Victoria)

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