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Sunday, January 10, 2010


Last week while looking for a dresser for Gerri we found a used furniture place right nearby.
In the back of the store was a really pretty antique bed set and a race car bed. Danny fell in love with it and promptly asked for it. We told him that he would need to sell his bunk beds in order to do that and he said do it!!  I asked if he would be ok switching bedrooms so the 2 girls could have the bigger room and he said yes!!   So I listed it on Craigslist. Every day when Danny came home from school he would ask if anyone bought his bed yet? We had several people inquire and a couple came to see it. Unbeknownst to Danny we had bought both bedroom sets. :)
Friday afternoon Dan picked up Danny from school and headed back to the used furniture place because Dan needed the key to his antique rolltop desk. Danny quickly ran to the back of the store looking for the race car bed. While Dan was talking to the owner Danny came running up all upset saying Daddy the bed is gone!! Dan calmed him down and told him that as soon as his bunk beds sold we would find him antoher race car bed :(
Saturday morning a couple came to see the beds, paid cash, paid full price and took the beds!!
The kids had fun playing with their 2 yr old while all the adults took it apart and put it into their truck.

As soon as they left I told Danny that it was time to empty out both bedrooms, vacuum and steam clean the carpets. I told him to help daddy get the carpet cleaner out of the garage.
The next thing heard in our house was him screaming!!!!
He came running into the house yelling "mommy my bed is in the garage"!!!!
The look on his face was worth everything!!
So all day Saturday and Sunday was spent getting everything set up.
Here are the two playing in the play room, eating snacks.

Ta da - here is the new girls' room!

I just love this bed and can't wait to see Gerri in it!

This futon is used for company, but I think it will come in handy when Gerri has procedures and we need to be nearby.

Ms V loves her new room!

Danny's new boy room!

The infamous Bed! He is in heaven!

The amazing thing is that the money from the bunk beds paid for Danny and Gerri's new beds, new bedding and her new dresser!!!! God provides when needed :)

Gerri's new dresser is not in the room yet as we have to refinish it and put on new knobs.

Busy Busy weekend!!


babyarnie said...

This post brought tears to my eyes!! Isn't nesting fun? You have no idea how wonderful it is to have met that little girl and now see the bed she gets to sleep in. A real bed with a REAL family!

Diana said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah!!! Can't wait to see how your story will unfold and to follow your journey.

modern furniture said...

I normally see the wooden race car bed over the plastic one, I love the plastic one and it doesn't get damaged like the wood one does, which usually chips. Very cool find!

Christine said...

Nesting is so normal! The rooms look great!

Tami said...

Hi Nancy!
Both beds are way cool! Our nephew has a red race car bed, he loves it too! I can't wait to finish Tanner's room (it will be a cowboy theme)...You must be getting so excited to go get your girl!

Don't know if you've read my blog...Ralph has been extremely ill. He had a colonoscopy today and we think we have found the problem. Seems he has he is on Flagyl and Aciphex, and goes back to see the GI doc next week. Man, was I scared! In our 28 years together, he has NEVER been this sick...

Oh, our homestudy visit has been rescheduled for the there it is, looks like we won't be traveling with you... I was looking forward to that. :( I know you will love on our Tanner tho, and tell him that we're coming for him soon! :)

Please pray with us for Ralph's good health...


Sally- That Girl! said...

Love the rooms and the beds!! Love the color on the walls too. I too can't wait to see sweet Gerri in that comfy bed. Nesting is a good thing!!