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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Getting there!

Here are the girls dressers. I have primed and put 2 coats of pink petal white on them. The new knobs will go on as soon as the paint is dry.

I bought some really cool rub on transfers but I can't get them to work. :(

Here are the girls initials to hang over their beds.

Danny has had his since he was little :)

Here are their name badges for their bedroom doors:

As soon as everything is put together I will take some pics. My camera is due back from Nikon Tuesday. I can't wait to get it back!

Nana is back from the cold north and the kids can't wait to see her on Sunday!

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Jodi said...

Michael's favorite thing is pirates! He would like Danny, they are the same age too. Svetlana's and Victoria's room and dressers and beds are so nice!! I bet Victoria is SO excited to be getting a sister :) Svetlana(Gerri) has been waiting so long...I am so happy for her to be so close to coming home to her family.