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Monday, January 18, 2010

Sleeping Angels!

Yesterday was a busy day with a birthday party for a classmate at Ollie Koala's. Both kids ran around and played for 2 1/2 hours. We got home and she told us bye and went and laid down on our bed. I should have known then that she was not feeling well :(
Nana came by and we had a full turkey dinner. The kids were so excited to see her and she had gifts from her trip.
I heard her crying at 3:00 am. I went up and she was wandering around the upstairs, crying and coughing, nose running. :( I laid down with her and she said, "momma I sick". Then she asked what would happen if Gerri was scared. I told her that if Gerri was ever scared she would have mommy, daddy, danny and her to keep her from being scared. She then asked if they could sleep together if they were scared and I said absolutely! That seemed to make her calm down. She rolled over and promptly slept till 7 this am.
This morning she has been miserable :( She is sick again, fever and a cough.
She ate all her lunch and then I told her she needed a good nap to feel better.
I told her daddy would help her get better:

That is Lexie on the couch next to them.
Danny is in the bedroom watching sprout and taking pictures of the work crew outside the window working on the new driveway.

I spent the morning getting the dressers upstairs in the girls' room. I sorted through all the clothes, put all the clothes away. Victoria was fascinated by their dresses hanging in the closet side by side :)
Since we don't know Gerri's size I have size 5 and 6. By putting the clothes away I discovered that she has LOTS of clothes!! So I think she is all set!!
Once my camera gets back from Nikon in the next day or so I will take pictures of the complete bedroom.


Jodi said...

Is that dog laying on it's back?? Too funny!

Jodi said...

Sorry to hear Victoria is under the weather! I hope she is better soon, it's NO fun being sick!