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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween finally!!

The town had Halloween yesterday!!
The elementary school had a costume parade,
They were walking too fast and we almost missed them!
Just caught Gerri, she turned around to wave

Danny was so happy!! sorry it is blurry!
 The kids were so excited about going trick or treating!! And it was COLD!! Dan put them in his truck and they did our whole street (which we were told has not done much the last couple of years) but almost everyone was ready and so excited to see them!! I stayed home to give out candy and we actually had about 15 kids! The kids wanted to go down more streets, but Dan was cold :)

Back with candy and happy!!
We let them each have one piece of candy and they were OFF THE WALLS!!!
They were so excited to answer the door and hand out candy to other kids. Gerri had a girl from her class stop over :)
Today we took down all the halloween stuff and put up the thanksgiving stuff :)

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