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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


this has been my buddy!

The Dr said I could start using this - so much harder!! my back is sore :(

How we all felt when we had no power, just the fireplace

This is SO huge!! Danny is usually not very nice to the dogs :)

Auntie Denise reading with Gerri :)
 We had a busy day on Monday, no school, I had my 2 week fu appt with my Dr, who is very happy!! He took me off the Coumadin and put me on 2 aspirin's a day. He said the swelling, soreness, bruising and leg length difference will all be better by the 6 week mark. He asked if I was happy yet that I had the surgery and I said "not yet" and he said let's see what you say at 6 weeks!! Man I can't wait for 6 weeks! I just want to be able to sleep well again!
Ms V had her 5 yr checkup with the Dr. and since the kids were all home, we all went! The kids all got their flu mists too. The tech wrote her weight/height numbers wrong and the Dr went on and on about ms V having a high bmi and how we need to keep an eye on her weight and what she eats. I didn't notice till I got home and was putting the info into her growth charts that the tech wrote it wrong. So when I put her info in she is just over 50% for both height and weight!! So all that lecture and it was totally unnecessary! Luckily it is not her pediatrician, just the Dr on today.
She was very tired from the whole experience!
We ended up being out most of the day, first time for me in almost 3 weeks!! I was so tired!
Monday afternoon we got the town phone call saying Halloween was cancelled till Friday night because it was not safe. The kids were very unhappy!!
Tuesday am the schools start were delayed by 2 hours and Ms V did not have school again.
karate chopping with daddy!

tickle time!!
 Wednesday finally had all 3 back to school!!!
Ms V and Gerri reading together!!!!!
We still have snow on the ground :)

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Luv4thePaws said...

I love these pics! Keep healing!!!! :)