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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy Veterans day!!

Playing on Thursday (no school for teacher day)

If you look at this picture while enlarged you will see a whole gaggle of turkeys just strutting up our street!

The girls got all dressed up for Veteran's day for daddy :)

We made him a cake :) (yes it is a leftover halloween cake I never got around to making)

Grammy and Grampy came over for dinner last night, Grampy is recovering from shoulder surgery so we could commiserate together :)

Grammy played doll house and trucks with Danny

Then grammy got all jewelry'd up :)

Danny stepped in to do her hair

After dinner it was puzzle time!

then Grammy and Grampy had to learn IPOD touch games :)

MUCH sisterly love!!

they were both laughing so hard - I should have taped it :)
Thankfully they are all back to school tomorrow as routine is best for Danny!!
I hit 4 weeks post-op on Friday and am felling a bit better, I just wish I could get a really good nights sleep :( I still have a spot on my incision that is weeping fluid, mom has been good about coming by to tend to it.  I will be SO glad to not have to wear my TED stocking anymore, I spend most of my time pulling the darn thing up. (It is an anti-embolism stocking that goes hip to toes) I am rubbing vitamin E oil on my scar to help it. I am able to got around quite a bit without my cane, just need it when first getting up and when I am tired. The PT exercises really help alot. I will be SO happy when I feel better enough to drive again!! :)

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Sally-Girl! said...

Glad you are feeling better!! You have your work cut out for you in a few weeks, trust me!!!

Your parents are so much fun!!!