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Friday, November 18, 2011

tree time and first concert!

I have started driving around just locally and it feels SO good!! I have only been using hte cane when I am outside the house just in case I loose my footing. I am feeling so much better, I just wish I could sleep well!!!
I just missed saying Timber!!!

Dan and our neighbor brought it down, cut it up and didn't draw any blood!

you can see how rotted out the tree trunk was

yup, I stood around and watched :) :)
 Dan had to take down part of the fence so it would not get ruined when the tree came down. So he took it down the day before. The dogs never even realized the fence was down :) They walked all around the backyard and never once even attempted to go through the poles. But once they saw the gate open-out! so so funny :)
The sellers had done so much planting but hardly any trimming so we have spent a lot of time cleaning up the property. There are lots more trees that need attention.
Danny had his third grade thanksgiving concert this morning. We were really worried since last years was such a disaster (Danny had stage fright and cried and sobbed the whole time).
He did great today and it was a much bigger crowd!!
the whole 3rd grade

that is Danny right in the middle talking to the girl next to him

I had a meeting with his IEP group yesterday and Danny was tested for speech and language. In FL they had dismissed that part of his IEP saying he did not qualify anymore. Here he tested as severly delayed in both. He is getting speech and language 3 x's per week :)

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Sally-Girl! said...

WOW! Three times a week is great services!!! Glad for Danny!! Glad you are getting around better!