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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

on our way to Philly!

The start of our trip!! only 5 hours to go!
 We had to drive to work to pick up Nana, but we got to say hi to both Auntie's and grampy!
Hugs and kisses Grampy! Miss you!

We stopped in Devon, CT for lunch and to switch drivers
So far so good, weather is nice and mom is taking over the driving now, time to close my eyes :)


Sally-Girl! said...

Thinking of ya all day today and tomorrow!!! Just got email from VB and he ended it with off to the OR and I was thinking my next email from him could say the same thing and it being Gerri's case!!! Prayerful over this surgery!

MoonDog said...

she is getting so grown up looking!! thinking of you guys!