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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Birthday Party!

We had a birthday party at Jungle Quest in Jax for a friend of Danny's in Cub Scouts. Place is really cool.
Ms V really liked the toddler area with pyramid and slide:
She did climb up the rope ladders, would not go down the big slides so I had to go up and rescue her. You can't really tell but she is sobbing in this picture. (bad mommy with the camera)
Danny was amazing! He got right up there with his harness on and just went to town!

They had a really cool obstacle course, several zip lines in the back and a large rock wall.

Here is Danny on the obstacle course:
His balance has always been an issue, but he did GREAT!
Do you believe this is the first time he has EVER climbed a rock wall!
Here is the group shot
How cool is this cake! If you look close you will see the zip line strung between the palm trees with a picture of the birthday boy hanging on it just above the open jaws of a croc!
AFter we left the party we made a quick run to the base which was across the street. They had a bunch of stuff on clearance so we picked up some pretty pink stuff for Gerri Sveta:
And best of all - I was able to find a jacket for Gerri on clearance!
This is all that I had left to get for her!
I think the colors are going to look great on her :)


Cindy said...

Looks like a fun b-day party to me!! You go Danny!!! He was doing great!!!! And the clothes and coat for Gerri are just too cute!

MoonDog said...

never met a little girl yet that didnt look downright adorable in PINK! I just KNOW sveta will be no different! be sure you bring an undershirt and maybe some long johns? seriously we took sophie and ben in october and it was just STARTING to cool and it was like 40-50 degrees and it wasnt enough to have long sleeves and long pants and socks. so they put one of their shirts on her under her dress and LONG THICK socks that went up past her knees over her pants. and I had hat and mittens and winter coat. the kid was sweating before we ever got to the car!

Jodi said...

Hi Nancy,
Rich said you emailed but I havent seen it yet. So So glad Edwin may have a family! Have you heard anything about travel dates? We hope to find out tomorrow when our court date will be. Gerri will look beautiful in her new clothes, I sure hope serge can help me meet her.

schoolmother said...

I just had to check your blog to see if your dossier had been submitted. YESSS!!!!!! This is great news. Joy RR