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Friday, February 5, 2010

Helping Daddy :)

Victoria's turn to help with dinner. Daddy decided pancakes sounded really good.
Here she is getting a cup out of the cabinet :

Blurry because they are getting the lumps out :)
do those pj's look a little big?? turns out she raided Gerri's dresser :)
I didn't think they looked familiar....
(when I asked her why she was wearing Gerri's clothes she told me she missed her...)


Anonymous said...

Ms V is entirely too cute in Gerri's PJ's!!!! There's not much any sweeter than the little ones all warm and snuggly in their PJ'S and ready for a safe warm bed!!!
Cindy H

Sally- That Girl! said...

Ms V, how cute you are!!!!

Jodi said...

very sweet! she is a darling and your hubby is such a good daddy :)