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Monday, February 8, 2010

First Time!!

On Sunday we had brunch with Nana at River City Brewing in Jax.
It was right on the water and oh so pretty!
The kids were fascinated by the Koi Pond!

After stuffing ourselves silly we walked around the docks to look at boats:

We were all color coordinated!

If you look really close at the BIG boat at the end of the dock you will see that it's name is Victoria!!
Danny looked and looked but could not find one with his name on it :(

Nana had some things to do at her house for the superbowl dinner at our house so after eating and walking the waterfront we headed our separate ways.
SO for the first time Danny AND Victoria went to Nana's all by themselves!!
Hubby & I were ALONE!!! It was so quiet! It took Nana much longer than normal to get her stuff done, but the kids had a great time! Nana's kitty was very happy when they left. 

After our Gumbo dinner Nana and the kids made cookies:
Yes, they were very proud!

And we were very happy to watch the big game and see New Orleans win!!

Today was back to the usual.  After school Ms V and I headed out to get our hair cut.
Luckily she does not mind, as you can see :
Dan went to the barber while we were at the salon and we are all coifed and ready!
Danny will get the shears at home :)


Anonymous said...

your kids are so darn cute! And I want to live in Florida and eat gumbo too!!! Everytime I see your sweet husband playing with the kids I think about how lucky Gerri will be. SOON she will be home :)

Jodi, still in Ukraine. Probably for a very looong time.

Glenna said...

Nancy, I always enjoy visiting your blog. It's wonderful watching your kids grow up and I love seeing your mom in pictures!mogin