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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Too darn cute!!

Tonight while Danny and I were doing homework I heard Dan and Victoria just chatting away.
When I walked into the living room I found this:
Dan is playing with all her treasures!! What a guy :)
He doesn't do all the voices, but that's ok :)

She gave him a big hug and said "love you daddy"
What a GREAT DAD!!!

We still have not heard anything about a travel date, hoping and praying we hear soon!!
Will let you all know when we do :) :)

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Diana said...

Very, very cute!

Even though our dossier was approved and registerd within 10 days of being submitted, it still took about 4 weeks to hear anything on our status, including approval and travel after were submitted. Don't know if that time frame is still accurate or not. I don't keep up with all that stuff anymore.

Be sure to read my sunshine post if you haven't already done so :-). I left a little something on there for you.