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Sunday, February 28, 2010

omg! What do you mean tomorrow is March 1st!!

I can't even express the nerves going on in my tummy :)
I just can not believe tomorrow is March 1st and 1 week from traveling!!
The time is just going SO fast!! It is so scary! The whole rest of the process seemed to drag endlessly, but not now :)

Last night we had company, friends that we have not seen since we moved here 2 years ago!  The husband was hired by my last company and actually lived with us for a couple of months when he moved to FL from CO. His wife is from the country that our new little one is from and she is SO excited that we are adopting from there. She was nice enough to go through the translations on my picture book and fix the ones that were wrong :)
Ms V got this beautiful dress with matching dress for her doll!!
Can you tell how much she loves it!!

Danny got this really cool outfit!!

Dan was sent off to the range for a defensive shotgun course today so the kids and I kept busy.
I told him to have some fun me time cause he will be alone with the kids for who knows how long while I am gone :)

We spent the morning playing outside in the sun :)

Danny had a GREAT time on his scooter!
The really cool thing about the tummy nerves is that I am getting lots done!! And I have lost 4 pounds :)
I packed the big suitcase for their vacation. They leave on Saturday and I leave on Monday.
They will be gone one week for the annual family vacation. I hate to miss it :(
It will be easier for the kids since they are SO excited to be with Grampy, Grammy and the cousins!!
I don't think they quite understand that 1) I am not going with them and 2) that I am dopping them off at the airport and leaving and 3) that I will not be here when they get back.
At least Dan will have other adults around to help keep the kids busy!
So much to do - So little time!!!!! Needless to say my sleep has been horrible :(


Kristin Ferguson said...

Can't wait to shed the paperwork pounds when I'm getting ready to travel! ha ha

Sounds like you've got things all lined up and ready to go. Good for you!!


Grace said...

Hello! I'm Naya's Mama, she lives in the same place as your little girl. Could you please e-mail me?


Jodi said...

Nice pics, it looks like great weather there! You lucky duck. You will probably be in Ukraine long before we are!! Man, the wait stinks. I think it stinks even more now that we know him, than it did while we were waiting to meet him. I still think we're going to end up being in Zap at the same time, at least for part of it :) We'll see.


Diana said...

Are you going to blog during your international adventure? I hope so!! I do, however, get quite a kick out of you saying that the "rest" of your what 3 month wait has gone so slowly! Bwah ha ha!!!! How quickly forget how long the last round took.

Happy nesting!!

adoptedthree said...

That's a big step and so hard to leave the little one's behind. It almost made me change my mind and not leave when my son was crying! But I sucked it up- he was fine here in the states and got on that plane and returned with my amazing daughter.

Have a safe trip

Cindy said...

Oh - Mr. Danny looks like a "cool dude" and Ms. V looks like a "little princess"!! What absolute cuties they both are and Miss G will only finish out the trio of cuties!!! I now know the feeling of the stomach flipping!! This is so much more fun waiting to leave!! One week and you're outta here!!!!!