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Monday, February 22, 2010

Oh Man oh man oh man!!

To Do Checklist:
"Ordered" our new money. It is supposed to be in around Wednesday of next week :) - CHECK
Transfered money to cover the adoption money - CHECK
Had all of Hubby's embassy paperwork notarized :) - CHECK
Find notary to notarize my signature on a POA for hubby - CHECK
Update Wills and find notary to notarize - CHECK
Stop mail delivery while away - CHECK
Stop newspaper while away - CHECK
Double check dog sitter is ready, update dog memo and write check - CHECK
Pick up Cipro for just in case - CHECK

oh man - getting nervous now!!!
Did anyone see the article in the paper about Lufthansa canceling flights because of a strike!!!!!
Want to guess who I am flying????????

Some cuteness from yesterday:
Do you HAVE to take pictures??

I LOVE to fingerpaint!!!

Hey! What is this on my belly???

Danny was not home for all this fun.
He went to the symphony with nana to see the Three Little Pigs :)


MoonDog said...

Is there someone who can pick your mail up for you? a neighbor perhaps? I always worry that telling the post you will be away leaves you open to burglary. it is in no way confidential that you are leaving the country when you tell the post.

Nan and Dan said...

hi Tam!
We have a dog sitter here every day several times a day. As well as a monitored alarm :)
It is actually only 6 days between me leaving and hubby and kids getting home from family vacation :)
We also have nosy neighbors that will keep an eye out :)

Kristin Ferguson said...

It's great checking things off that list isn't it??? Thank you for all of your help with questions the last few days and for the Russian Language CD--you're the best!!!


Jodi said...

We had Lufthansa on the way over, I really liked it! Great plane, comfortable and good food. We avoided it on the way home because we weren't sure about the strike. I hope it's all resolved quickly if they do strike. Are you using Golden Rule?? They were awesome for us, Eldon was so nice and managed to get our flights changed for us very quickly.


by the way, Victoria is adorable!

Anonymous said...

So exciting! Just wanted to let you know that my family and I have been looking at the children on Reece's Rainbow fo several months and have been praying for little Victoria. We were SO happy when we saw that she had found her "forever family"!!!

babyarnie said...

Golden Rule is AWESOME!!-Elden the best.! Lufthansa was REALLY GOOD to. I will pray the strike won't mess you guys up but am confident if so, Elden will help you out of the jam. Just as excited for you to meet your princess. She's beautiful!!