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Friday, February 19, 2010

wow-bought the tickets!

Big day!! Bought the tickets!! Leaving on a jet plane on March 8th :)
My mind is just spinning with trying to think of everything that has to get done.
Ms V has been croupy again, but we think it is allergies. She can multi-task!
Here she is getting a breathing treatment and watching Cars on my ipod touch!
She can do so many things on the ipod touch! Dan is just amazed at how quickly she can play games on it!

Danny needed his hair cut too - so out came the dog clippers :)
He was so proud of his 'do. Can't believe how big he is getting :(

Ms V is growing up so fast too, she is finally into her doll house.
Just in time to have to SHARE it!! 
Ginger and Lexie were giving me the eye - guess it is dinner time :)

This is for all our friends and family freezing their behinds off:
65 degrees and outside in shorts!!!!
na na na na boo boo  :)


Cindy said...

Na na na na boo boo - I don't like you!!!!! From your "freezing my Bum off friend w/ 62 inches of snow!!!! I will get you back!!!!
Cindy!!! :-)

MamaPoRuski said...

Ms V is sooooo girl! Can't wait till you have two multi-taskers/organizers in your home!
We have sunny days too, hard to believe it's February!

Kristin Ferguson said...

We're enjoying a fairly balmy day in NC as well. Even saw some of my crocus plants starting to peek up through the dirt! woo hoo! Hopefully it will be warmer in Ukraine than it has been when you get over there!!!