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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Beautiful Day!!

Little missy had us up at 6:00!! She had a rough night and was up many times. I started coffee and we sat in the big bed looking out at the moon and stars through the hatch over our bed. Both kids just sat looking up in awe.
We had a leisurely morning, it is so beautiful out.
We pulled up anchor at 8:30 and headed down the river. There was a lot of weekend traffic today being a holiday weekend. Little missy took her morning nap in the cockpit and slept like a dream. I think she likes the rocking motion.

Danny played up in the cockpit with the cushions, hey whatever makes him happy :)

The weather was wonderful, the water nice and clear and lots of people out fishing.
We headed up Pine Island Sound planning on anchoring behind Punta Blanca Island for the first time. I think we made a mistake trying to anchor in a new place during dead low tide. :)
Needless to say we went aground, and aground, and aground. We filled up both strainers with mud and grass and finally cut both engines to wait out the tide. Dan decided to try using the dinghy since we were floating and he was able to get us back in the channel. When he came on board we cheered him on! By now the sweat was running off both of us and we decided that it was time to head back to our usual spot off Useppa Island.
We were anchored by 1:00, hungry and sweaty.
We settled down and had a quick lunch and cold beer and then I talked Dan into starting up the generator so I could put the AC on and little missy could nap. both of us snoozed for about an hour or so in the big bed.
We then headed out by dinghy to check out Useppa, besides the dogs had to go :)
We found a nice beach on the south end and pulled up so the dogs could run. While we were waiting for them we heard snorting noises in the channel behind us and about 50 feet away were two manatees!!
We were going to go for a swim off the back of the boat but we say too many jelly fish in the water and we did not want to get stung.
We had a nice shower off the stern and chilled out while the sun went down by sitting on the bow of the boat.
Little missy was getting really snuffly and kept coughing. Hopefully she will sleep better tonight!

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Just another mommy said...

Sounds GREAT! Next time, can I come? ;)