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Sunday, September 2, 2007

What a day!

Little missy still not feeling well, she was up from 12-1 last night :( Luckily she did sleep till 6:45. She is still not feeling great.
We decided to head back up the river to our favorite anchoring spot, since it is only an hour to the marina for Monday and ONCE AGAIN OUR PORT ENGINE WILL NOT START!!
Thank heavens we know how to jump it, but this is getting ridiculous!
It seemed like everyone was out today, whether they know the rules of the road or not!! We also saw a lot of rental boats everywhere too.
As the day wore on Victoria got more congested and her nose was running non-stop. Now of course the only medicine I did not pack was cough and cold stuff. She did nap really good on the boat though. :) But was whiney and really clingy.
We dodged all the boats the whole way to the anchorage and then decided that we just needed to get her home, in her own house and bed. Once we decided I ran down below to start packing our stuff. By the time we got close to the marina I was ready to go and Dan was holding Victoria with one hand and steering with the other one and entertaining Danny!!
We tied off at the dock and Dan started the truck to cool it off.
I loaded the kids, dogs and bags while Dan finished tying off the boat.
We were back at home in time for her afternoon nap and she slept 2 hours (after a shot of cold medicine).
Our little trip was cut short but we still had a great time!
ps - in the picture above Victoria is not licking her lip :) :)

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Just another mommy said...

Poor baby. And poor you too! Hope she is feeling better.