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Friday, September 14, 2007

Just another day in Paradise!

Sitting on the bow at sunrise!!
This is why we do this!
Victoria had a much better night! I didn't have to get up once! She put herself to sleep several times. She was also up for good at 6:00!
We had to wait till it was light out to take the dogs for a potty run so we sat on the bow and drank our coffee while we waited for the sun!
We pulled up anchor to head back down the river and the harbor at 8:00.
The weather was great and we only saw a few boats. We did see our first big fishing boat dragging nets though.
We were going to anchor in Pelican Bay, which is the opposite side of Punta Blanca where we ran aground last week. Then we read up on it in our guide books and realized it is a sanctuary so we would not be able to take the dogs to the beach. The rangers are there 24 hours a day so we couldn't even sneak in.

Victoria napping in the cockpit with Ginger

Danny chillin in the cockpit. He can play for hours!

We decided to head back to Picnic Island again since the water is so nice. We figure there still won't be a ton of boats since it is Friday.
We noticed quite a bit more traffic once we hit Pine Island Sound, lots of people must be hooking work today to fish!!
We anchored around 12:30 at Picnic Island and there was only one other boat there! We headed inside to sit in AC and eat lunch. When we came up they were gone! Must of just wanted to eat lunch.
There is a really nice breeze here and the current is pretty good so it keeps the nasty stuff out of the water.
Tomorrow we will head back up the river against the throng of weekenders coming out! always fun....
For today we are going to dinghy into the island and enjoy the beach!
Hope you all are having a great day!!
oh yah - almost forgot! dinner is hot dogs and beans!! the boys' favorite!
I had brought cookie dough and cooked some fresh cookies for dessert!! :0)


Diana said...

Ahhh...someday! I'd do it for the sunsets, too if I had the time and means and didn't live in the middle of a desert :-) Enjoy!

Natalie C. said...

what a beautiful picture