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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Boy am I pooped!

Hamming it up for the camera!

Chillin with my daddy after lunch at Miller's Ale House
(If I stare at his beer long enough do you think he will share???)

Holding the bottle and drinking from it all by myself for the FIRST TIME!!!

Boy am I too cute in my halter dress!?!

It has been a very busy weekend!!
Yesterday Dan and Danny took off for the boat to do something (who knows what :))
Victoria was still cranky, teething, runny nose thing. She fell asleep around 9:00 and promptly was awoken at 10:00 when a neighbor started revving his engine while his radio was blaring, which got the dogs barking, which got me yelling at them to be quiet.....
Hard to believe she couldn't sleep through all that!
So, using my PMS powers, I ended up rearranging three out of four of the bedrooms. The only one untouched was our master.
My plan was just to move Victoria to the back side of the house where Danny sleeps. I was going to put her in the spare room, but it is the second largest bedroom and Danny really deserves it. He spends lots more time in his room :)(not always willingly)
So I ended up moving the spare bedroom into the room Victoria was in, moved Danny into the old spare bedroom and Victoria into Danny's old room! Of course I also had to clean every time I moved some furniture. It also forced me to weed through quite a bit of stuff. I packed up my computer desk that I have not sat at for at least 8 months. I worked hard the whole morning with Victoria following me around in the walker. She thought this was such a fun game!
I had to take a queen, a twin and a crib apart and put them back together!
It is amazing how much better each of the rooms look! They look so much bigger now!
The dogs started barking about 1:00 and I knew the guys were home.
I ran outside and told Danny I had a big surprise for him and he needed to close his eyes! I walked him in the house where he saw my computer desk in the great room and I asked him to check sissy's room. He ran into her old room and saw the spare bed! So then I asked him where sissy's bed was and he said "in my room" and ran into his room, where of course he only saw her bed! I then said "oh my gosh where is YOUR bed??" and he ran into the spare room and screamed!!!!
He is just floored with his big boy space!! He wanted to spend the whole weekend in his room.
So I cleaned, moved around and packed a lot this weekend. I still have to rearrange the 3 closets, that is left for tomorrow. I have also done 4 loads of laundry - but no clothes yet.
Today we had DirecTV installed. It is amazing how incredible the reception is.
Danny followed the installers all around just fascinated.
The weather was absolutely beautiful today! We were able to open up all the doors and windows and let the breeze run through the house! (also had to chase the dust bunnies that have been hiding out and were blown out with the wind)

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