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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

More holidays!?!?!?

Getting ready for dinner!

So on Monday we get a note from Danny's teacher reminding us there is no school Thursday or Friday? what!?? I can not believe how many days off there are! Thank heavens we are both around, what do people do that have to work?
So we decided to head out on the boat for the weekend, but since Dan has PT Thursday am we will head out after.
Then this morning I get two phone calls within 10 minutes, the first from the PT place needing to reschedule and the second from Danny's school saying he is in the clinic sick and I need to come pick him up!! Amazingly I had actually been putting our stuff together and thinking about talking Dan into cancelling his appt. ;)
So I run to go pick him up and the first thing he says to me is "can we go to the boat now?!?!?!" hhhhmmmmm........
So I run home and get us packed in record time. We had lunch at home and then filled the car up and headed out. We were on the boat by 1 and off the dock by 1:30!
Little missy should have napped, but only did for about 15 minutes, but seemed pretty happy. Danny slept for over an hour, think it was the motrin :)
We decided to head out to picnic island, which is along the miserable mile off sanibel.
It was great being out on a Wednesday as there was almost no boat traffic and there was NO ONE anchored off the island!!
It is absolutely beautiful out and we dinghied into the island and let the dogs run and we all swam. Victoria ate her first shell!! and sand !! best part was no jellyfish!
We had to rush back to the boat as we could see really black clouds coming.
Dinner was lasagna, yummy!!
Baby girl was sound asleep at 7:30! Danny at 8:00.
We sat in the air conditioned salon and watched the power of 10!

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Natalie C. said...

i still haven't goten the handle of work and a sick kid...