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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Beautiful Day!

Here are the kids playing in Danny's cabin!

Victoria didn't have the best night, teething and new bed. She was up from 12 to 1:30 which meant I was up. Thank heavens I had the teething liquid and the tylenol. At least she did sleep till 7:30!! (me too) Turns out she had another tooth come in over night - we now have 5!

Leaving Picnic Island

Around 10:00 we decided to head up Pine Island sound to Charlotte Harbor and check out the Peace River. Boat traffic was wonderfully light so we could just truck along and enjoy ourselves. We had dolphins playing in our boat wake the whole time. It drove the dogs crazy!

Victoria finds all sorts of things to play with on the boat, she stays very busy.

We decided to anchor in the Peace River just north of Fisherman's Village in Punta Gorda. There were no boats around, just us.

Happily munching on a frito!

Victoria seems to be doing fine, I use the teething tablets whenever she starts whining and smacking her gums together. She already grinds her teeth :(
She has also suddenly started making growling noises, it is so funny. I don't know whether she picked it up from the dogs or what.

Dan and Danny took the dinghy out to reconnoiteur. Luckily they also took the trash :)
They found a small beach to take the dogs to, but Dan said it looked like homeless people live there at night :(
The sky got really dark and we could see the rain coming down the river. It poured off and on the whole night, at times we could not see the bow!

We sat inside the air conditioned salon and watched Dora with the kids. Dinner was chicken alfredo and it was yummy! Once they were asleep we watched Big Brother!

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