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Thursday, October 14, 2010

4 yr check up!!

On the way to the pediatrician for her 4 yr old appt.
Ms V was happily telling Gerri she was getting a flu shot, I made the mistake of saying, well you are too!  Here is the face:
Gerri was trying to hug her but Ms V was having nothing to do with it!

I got her to calm down while they built a house:

Ms V has grown 4 inches this past year!!! and gained 3 pounds, She is still at the 50% for both.
She cried hysterically while they did the finger prick for her blood check :)
Showing off her bandaid:
After her checkup it was shot time.
There was NO way I was telling her there was going to be 3 of them!!
Gerri got her first flu shot, I held one hand and Victoria held the other :)
Then it was time for Ms V and I had to hold her down! It was horrible!
She sobbed and cried and it took me several minutes to calm her.
Then it was time for a trip to the treasure box.

We went over to the store for a cookie.
Then she told Dan how horrible it was and milked it the rest of the night!!

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Jo's Corner said...

Hi nan! Ask your Pediatrician for a script for EMLA CREAM. You squeeze a dab on the arm (or where ever the shot will be given). Then you cover it with a large bandaid. You put it on an hour before the shot. It's great for numbing the skin. The other thing is to take a baggie filled with frozen peas and let the kids hold it on their owie. And, always give kids ibupropen an hour before. I guarantee you'll have lots less tears from that sweet girl of yours! Hugs to ALL your Punkins!