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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

For you Northerners!!

To prove that it does get cold in Florida!!!
60's in the am!


Princess Olivia said...

hehe. Erik was wearing shorts and a T-shirt today and it was 55 degrees when he left for school.

Jill said...

60's are a heat wave for us these days! :-) Although today, it was very, very nice in the high 70's, so I shouldn't complain. Glad the girls have sweatshirts. LOL

Marianne said...

Brrrr!!! Imagine what the orphanage would put them in in that kind of weather! hehe!

Jodi said...

do I need to come down there and bonk you on the head?!?!?!

that's just nasty, Nancy.

Hey, that's what I'll call you from now on, Nasty Nancy.


For your information, 60's are GLORIOUS.

Try 30 below.

It's a comin!

Cute Kiddos :)