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Friday, October 8, 2010

Cast #7!!

We had to go downtown to the big clinic, so we had to WAIT a long time!
Looking out the big window at the St Johns River

We had a new tech and Gerri was fascinated by his spikey hair 

Poor skin :( It is peeling SO bad

The supplies all ready to go

This was the first time Danny went and he was amazed at it all!

The mouse (Victoria) playing footsie with the Doc :) 

Where we started                               Where we are now!!!!!

Manatee Dr :)

All in all we were at the clinic about 2 1/2 hours!!! From now on we are back to the small clinic where we are in and out in 45 minutes!!! The kids were great for standing around so long.
Gerri is really getting around well now.
She was not very happy that her new casts are so messy from the docs plaster hands :)


Sarah said...

wow wow wow! look at those feet!!!! if only Ukraine could see her now :) I hope you have a way to send some updated pics when you're done casting!!

Molly said...

She looks GREAT!

Jodi said...

wow! those feet DO look great!

I wouldn't have liked them all gummed up either!

But it's a pretty color :)