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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

cub scouts campout! and Cast #8!

Since Dan did not take a camera with him to the cub scout camping trip I had to snag some pics from the den leader's blog :) (to be honest even if Dan HAD taken a camera he would NEVER remember to take any actual pics :) )
Danny looking very serious as they learn about geology

Danny's den leader Ms Marianne and her son.
Dan and Danny were right next to them as usual. They were making halloween picture frames.

Two peas in a pod, always together, even during archery

Just hanging around :)

Waiting in the clinic for our room :)
Ms Heather came out to say hi to us while we were waiting. She mentioned she like my hair (I had the grey washed out :) ) Gerri pipes up nice and loud and says " my mommy painted her hair last night isn't it beautiful!!!!"  Everyone in the waiting room just broke out laughing!!

Having her old one taken off!! Laughing the whole time!

How amazing is this?!?!?!?

The girls just LOVE Dr. Moran :)

Victoria loves to tickle her toes :)

Ms Heather was playing with Ms V :)

Black for Halloween!!
Look how straight they are!!
We left her toes out so they could breathe a bit, they were getting sores :(


Deb said...

Can't believe how awesome her legs are doing! It is amazing that when we were in Ukraine last year, she was just recovering from her surgeries and couldn't get out of bed. Have you sent any updates to Morena? She just adored her!


Jill said...

I was totally laughing out loud about Gerri's comment in the waiting room. I could totally see my daughter saying that too! :-)

Her legs look awesome!

Sally-Girl! said...

I love it!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Any idea how many more casting they need to do?

Anonymous said...

She is looking great! And always with that beautiful smile on her face! She is a treasure for sure