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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Sweet Princessa!!

Happy 4th Birthday sweet Princessa!!!!
Thank you Auntie for my crown and cook book!

Watching her brother and sister open up their gifts :) Thanks Auntie!

Thanks nana for my clothes!

A real Taro Patch doll from Hawaii - thanks Nana!

a puzzle!! thanks grammy :)

It was beautiful out today! So we headed outside 

The girls went for a spin

The girls then became the peanut gallery

Danny decided he wanted to try to ride his bike!!

Some playing out in the backyard while dinner cooks - pigs in blankets :)

The table all set for dinner

Shoes for a princess

Princess cake is ready!

Blowing out her candle :)

Wearing her new princess lip gloss!!
We love you sweetie!!!!


Jill said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Victoria!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Victoria! Callie had a princess party our Guatemalan Princessas. Kim L

Glenna said...

Happy birthday, Victoria! Hugs to all of you! Gerry and Glenna

Jodi said...

What an adorable birthday girl!!!

Hope you had a great day Victoria :)