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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pumpkin Patch X2 and other stuff :)

Tuesday was field trip day for the school. Danny went to the Corn Maze and Gerri to the Pumpkin Patch.
I went along with Gerri so the special bus did not need to go along. She was SO excited that I was there.
Here they are playing Hot Pumpkin (like hot potato)

Listening to the story of Spookley the square pumpkin

Making a funny face with her class :)

They held, hugged, tickled, kissed and sang to the pumpkins :)

We went inside to pick out a pumpkin

Everyone showing off their pumpkin
We then went out to a park to have lunch and play

Thursday was Victoria's preschool pumpkin patch day! Playing first!

Watching the movie about Spookley the square pumpkin

Getting to pick out her own pumpkin

Very serious about decorating it

Then time to color a halloween picture

A little down time before we headed out to lunch

Then we had cub scouts Thursday night.
Danny got a belt loop :)
They then did a quick skit from the camp out. A bunch of the kids were sitting around the camp fire while the leader told them ghost stories. A boy comes running in yelling "Big foot" and all the campers yelled "We are not afraid of big foot!" Then another boy comes running in yelling "Godzilla" and all the campers yelled "We are not afraid of Godzilla!" Then a third boy comes running in yelling "GirlScouts!" and all the campers jump up and run screaming out of the campfire area. It was so funny!

Then just Danny's den did a kit.
It was the: this is a test of the emergency broadcasting system.
At the end when it said "if this had been a real emergency you would have heard this"
you saw this:
And all the kids were screaming and running around! So Cute!
The girls had fun since we don't go to the meetings usually.
I had 2 mom's sitting behind me that spent the whole meeting socializing so I could not hear anything!
I was so aggravated that I just got up and moved to the front of the table! Man!

Friday morning Danny had to get his Flu shot!! Yes Victoria and Gerri were SO happy to go along!
They made him promise he would not cry :) 

His moral support!

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Csmith said...

My kids and I have been following your blog for a while. They are really jealous that Gerri gets to have a cast! For some strange reason they all think it would be really cool to have one:) Not me, nine kids and not one broken bone yet and I hope it stays that way. They can't wait to see what color she chooses every time. Let her know she has her own little fan club here. We can't wait to see her walk without casts:)