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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Videos of a VERY BIG Day!!!

How amazing is this!!!

Dan showed Danny how to ride his bike :
The kids thought this was hysterical!!!!

Danny got on his bike and for the first time ever figured out how to ride it!!!!!!

It has been an amazing time!!!


Luba said...

Oh yay!! So happy your Princess is walking and the Prince is riding!! Do you guys think you'll ever go to Belarus with him? When did he join your family?

Jill said...

SO FUN!!!! Definitely amazing!!!

And it looks SO warm there...we had our first hard frost already a couple nights ago. Sigh...

Cindy said...

Absolutely Amazing!!!!! Bring huge smiles to my heart and face!!!

Jodi said...

awesome on all three accounts! I don't know who to be more proud of, but I'm thinking it's gotta be Dan ;) you just don't see that everyday!n ha haa

Mona Hutchins said...

Seems it's been forever, , and yet so very recent that I remember Jerri being bedridden in a country across the sea, with a dedicated mama visiting her, led by God! It makes my heart sing to see her walking!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sister-what's with the scary Dora doll! Tell stinker bell to brush her hair!

Happy everything is going so well. Planning on shipping off some clothes soon....!

Love you

Molly said...

YAY on all counts!