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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

cast #8!!

I picked up both kids from school and headed over to the clinic :)

Always laughs while they remove the old cast :)

Her skin is in much better shape! They are looking good! (yes still very stinky)

Donning the gloves for the fiberglass
The dr was very careful with not getting plaster on the casts :)

Yup - pink for halloween!!

Checking out her toes :) How is this for a stretch? Considering when she came she could not separate her legs at all!!

The end result vs the start!!!! How amazing is that!

The doctor also heard from the two big guys, Dr D and Dr M, about the next step. Both dr's agree that Gerri has done amazing!! And that she only needs the minor tenotomies done and not the bigger tendon lengthening surgery!!!  The tenotomy just releases(snips) the tendon that is holding her feet in the down position, then she will be casted for 3 weeks and hopefully be done!!

The doctor wants to do at least 1 or 2 more plaster casts for her stubborn left foot. The right one is pretty straight and will likely only get fiberglass casts, no more plaster. :) The plan had been about 10 casts total so we are right on plan.  So we are hoping for only 1 or 2 more casts then the quick surgery and then her final cast before we hope to be free of casts!!!
It is going to be close to be done by her birthday at Christmas time!! She is SO hoping for her sparkly pink shoes for her birthday!


Julia said...

THANK YOU FOR POSTING THESE... I study them... study them.. study them some more as we prepare for our first appointments at Shriners next month. Since Aaron had surgeries as a baby I have no idea how that will impact what they do but your pictures give me hope!

Anonymous said...

Praying Gerri will soon be wearing sparkly pink shoes. Every girl needs to sparkle....she surely has a sparkle in her smile. You are an Amazing family! Kim L

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see that princess with sparkly pink shoes. And running around the house with Danny and Victoria! Your three kiddos are gorgeous!

Jo's Corner said...

PINK casts?!! Way to go, Gerri! Perhaps PINK casts for a PINK Princess costume for Halloween? It wouldn't matter WHAT costumes those three wear, NOTHING could hide their Beauty!!
Hugs ~ Jo

Cindy said...

I want to send her a sparkly dress w/ lots of pink to go w/ those shoes :-) Just amazing progress! Love watching it unfold for all of you! Happy Halloween :-) !

Somewhere Behind the Morning said...

Oh my goodness!! I finally checked out your blog, and this post made me tear up! I showed your kids to Tom, and when he saw the cast photos, he said, "Wow, she sure has a sparkle in her eyes and her smile." SO TRUE!! He had so many casts and almost a dozen surgeries on his legs and spine when he was younger, and he knows the pain and arduous journey that orthopedic problems pose. I don't know how kids get through that or the perserverence they have at their tender ages. Saying a prayer for Gerri and her sparkly pink shoes!

Thank you so much for being such a good person and helping us!
Kari :)