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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Another Busy Day!

This is what Grampy did first thing this am, he called it stretching to cart 5-6 bags of mulch with the wheelbarrel.

We took a trip over to the Jacksonville Naval Air Station. My dad spent two months here a very long time ago with the marines and wanted to see it again. Alas he did not remember any of it, they have made too many changes. We also drove down to the marina to check on the boat.

Dan and Danny got their haircut on base while the rest of us checked out the PX and the Commissary. I have never seen Dan with hair this short!! :) cutie :)

Danny and Grampy at lunch at the Budweiser Brew House on base, you can see Danny's hair is high and tight :)

This is what happens when you say Cheese!

Checking out the planes on base

Grampy gets into the princess thing :)

AFter we got back to the house we decided to finish off the last couple of items on the playset. We also laid out the wood to set a boundary around it.

Victoria learned the climbing rocks quickly

Checking out the swings with Grammy

Victoria has figured out the slide! and loves it :)

Setting up the play area. Dan had a plan :)

Both kids helped us!

We had a great dinner of spaghetti with Dan's infamous homemade sauce! We all ate, relaxed and then watched the Olympics!

Danny thinks Grammy and Grampy are staying, he does not realize that they are leaving tomorrow :(


Don and Be said...

Cool playset! I saw the first pic in the post and thought "How come Nan & Dan threw all their pillows under the tree? Wow! They sure have a lot of pillows!" Then I read the caption ...... oy!

Sarah said...

You have been busy busy! The house looks awesome and it looks as if you have moved in months ago, not just weeks!

Sure looks like you will all have a lot of fun!

Sally- That Girl! said...

YOu have such a great extended family! How sweet that Danny loves them so much!The playground looks great!