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Sunday, August 31, 2008

First full haircut

Victoria and I had a little girl time yesterday. I took her to a kids hair cut place I found and then we went to the salon so I could get a pedicure. She sat in my lap the whole time, eating goldfish and watching me get my pedicure. She was so great I could not believe it! She even put her toes under the fans too :)

Is this kids hair cut place too cool?!

Hairdresser could not get over how much hair she has.

Wow! I am hot!

I really like this place! they gave me my first pop!
She did pretty good with it too.

This is what Danny did to the wall in the playroom. When we asked why he did it, he denied it at first. Once he admitted doing it he brought us the play tools he used to do it and then explained that he was doing what he saw us do and the people on tv. I told Dan we must be watching too much HDTV. So he is having to help Dan plug the hole and then clean the whole play room. He can not play in the play room all weekend either.


Jane said...

So what shows are you guys watching?! Extreme Makeover? Designed to Sell? Flip This House?

Tooooo funny. Guess Danny wants to go into the construction business when he is older...

Jane said...

Hey, speaking of "...going into the construction business..." had lunch with the girls on Friday and Jennifer is now the new Business Development Director for JLW. Imagine that. : )

Anonymous said...

Don't tell Danny that this made me L.O.L. I can just picture his "guilty / not quilty, then pouttie" faces. Do you need Grampy's help for this project ???
Love y'All,
Grammy Gabe

Sally- That Girl! said...

Okay way too cute hair cut and Danny showing his carpentery skills!

Natalie C. said...

So funny about Danny and I love Miss V's hair cut

Don and Be said...

Hey! I want to get a haircut in that chair!