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Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Day at the Beach

We decided to head over to the ocean at Jacksonville Beach today. We wanted to have a fun family outing before Danny starts school tomorrow. It is actually pretty darn close too :)

Follow me to the beach

You want me to do WHAT in the water?? get sandy and wet?

Checking out the ocean waves (I love this pic)

Look Birds! They both loved playing in the sand and water. Victoria kept chasing the birds all over the beach, didn't matter where we were :)

Took this picture at the Mayport Naval Air Station turning basin, lots of really BIG boats!
This base is right on the Atlantic Beach! They have some beautiful real estate!

The kids were fascinated by the boats and fish on the river and docks in Mayport, this little village is right next to the NAS.

This is where we had lunch! It is right on the river in Mayport. Dan and I walked here to have lunch 14 years ago when we were traveling the US coast in our sailboat. It brought back such memories :)

This is how we ended the day:

They were both so tired!!

For those of you that know Dan, YES he is watching Hurricane Fay intently :)
Can't believe they are talking about it making landfall at our old house :(


The Michauds said...

ENJOY it while you can. Looks like Fay is coming to pay you a visit instead of me and Lisa. : )

We're fine. Just lots of wind and rain. Scout didn't even go in my closet once this storm. He's becoming quite the little Storm Trooper! HEE HEE!

Hope it misses you guys and Danny doesn't miss any school.


Alleen said...

oh boy... well, looks like you can't escape Fay! So far just a lot of rain here.

Looks like they had fun at the beach.

The kids went back to school yesterday and then school was closed today and tomorrow for the storm.