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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


The only child I know that LOVES to clean!!

Sorry it has been so long :)
We have been busy cleaning up the yard. Luckily we did not lose any trees, nothing hit the house and the backyard pool is almost gone. The ground is so saturated that walking on it is just gross.
I can not even describe the smell that comes from the back yard and the culverts out front. But lets just say it is truly nasty. You have to hold your breath and breathe in and out of your mouth while working outside.
Dan went out to the marina Sunday and was able to get a work boat to go out and check our boat. Turns out at least one boat hit us on its way to the trees. He said there are some pretty good size gashes, dents and rigging wrapped around our mooring that did not belong to us. He also said that all the boats were still in the trees and boatus and sea tow were working on trying to get them freed.
The big boat that was hung up on a pilon was patched and moved and there was a surprise under it! 3 more boats! Dan said the first dock is considered damaged beyond repair and will have to be totally replaced.
We were so very lucky!
Danny finally went back to school yesterday! woo hoo!! He was going stir crazy.
Victoria was very unhappy Danny was gone during the day and kept asking for him.
Yesterday we hit Home Depot and went out for a quick lunch. When the waitress asked her what she wanted to drink, I said milk just as she yelled out "doda" (soda). Smart a** :)


Anonymous said...

I just want to say hi, and how beautiful your family is! I remember when you went off in the direction of Guatemala. How truly beautiful both of your children are. Continued Blessings!


T & J

Alleen said...

Sorry you had so much damage from Fay. I hope the boat can get fixed up quickly.

Jane said...

Please send Danny back to SWFL so he can teach John how to clean like that!

Glad to hear you made it through with just a few scratches and dents. Next hurdle will be the skeeters!!! You should see them over here...HUGE and buzzing around everywhere.