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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Day trip to St. Augustine

Starting the morning with Grampy hugs and love!

Getting ready to take off on the sightseeing train.
The train has 22 stops all around the city and you can get on and off all day.
Our first stop was the St. Augustine Lighthouse.

Made it to the top - all 219 steps! Danny wasn't even winded :)

Looking up at the huge lighthouse lens

What a view from the top!

Just chillin at the top!

Danny and Grampy coming back down the lighthouse

At the lighthouse museum, she was nice and cool in her Hawaain outfit from my aunt and uncle.

We had lunch at an Irish pub and happened to sit near this plaque! Turns out the owner is a Cunningham (my maiden name) and my dad's name :)

Beautiful Architecture

A historic street in St. Augustine.

It was hot! The news said 105 with the heat index! We got back home around 4 and played in the sprinkler!


Natalie C. said...

Love Victoria's hair in pig tails.

Don and Be said...

LOVE St Augustine!!!!! It is our favorite escape! Took some pics there awhile back .......

Yep - I sure do recognize that swing set!