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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

School Starts and a little thing called Fay

So excited about his first day of school :)

Danny's class starts out the day walking the path around the playground, here he is with a couple of classmates and his teacher. The bigger kids have to do 7 loops (1 mile) before school starts. I think the kids really like Miss Suzy because she is so tiny :)

The outside part of the classroom, the kids plastic picnic tables are against the wall to the left out of sight. On good days the kids eat snack and lunch out there.

Danny's classroom all ready for the kids
He has had 2 days at school and the teacher says he is doing great!
We have been getting books on cassette and Danny loves to listen and turn the page as he follows the story. We have been running up to the library after I pick him up and getting one or two books.

Oh Yah!
We move 400 miles away and Fay makes landfall at our old home and now looks like it is coming to our new home!! Who ever heard of a hurricane STRENGTHENING over land?? Dan is in his usual panic mode. The boat has been strapped and tied as much as possible. All our outside stuff is inside or tied up. The shed passed inspection today and has 4 tie downs too.
They are saying the river will rise 3-5 feet!
Danny is very upset because they have already closed school for tomorrow.
Let's hope it heads out to sea and keeps going!!

On a side note, I saw the podiatrist again today. I have a bursar sac on my heel right where the achilles tendon attaches and it has been painful for a couple of months. He has me wearing a heel hugger and taking anti-inflammatories. The pain is much better, but not gone. So he feels it will become chronic pain if we don't take care of it - SO I have to have surgery. I will have a walking cast for 3 weeks! yikes! We are going to hold off having it done till my mom is down here full time in October so she can help out. I am not looking forward to it at all. Luckily it is my left foot so I hope I can drive quickly.

On to hurricane prep activities :) :)


Jane said...

GO AWAY FAY! Boy, can I relate to that mantra.

Are you guys okay?!?! Haven't heard from you today...

Sally- That Girl! said...

Sorry to hear about your foot and all the rain! You mean the song "rain rain go away come again another day" doesn't work?

Danny looks so handsome in his uniform. You must be proud!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you found a good school for Danny! Sorry about your foot. :(