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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Formal uniform for Mondays, special events and field trips

Regular uniform for Tues-Thurs.
On Friday he gets to wear his PE uniform all day :)

Danny starts Kindergarten on Monday! Tomorrow is open house and a play date at a local playground for all the kids grade 2 and under. Danny was really scared and nervous, till we went to the school today to fill out all the paperwork and get some uniforms. He could not wait to try them on and then cried cause he has to wait till Monday for school :) :)

We decided to go with the private school that he went to camp this summer. The classes are so much smaller than other private and public schools around here. His class will have 8-10 kids. They really stress other activities as well as academics. He will start playing an instrument, learn Karate and T-Ball. They have a really large Art building that has a whole room of computers. They also have an acre playground and a pool. He will start off the day walking around a track with all the other kids. This helps the kids get some energy out and some socialization done before settling into class.
This school also stresses community participation and leadership skills.
We are so looking forward to this!!


Anonymous said...

Glad Danny is looking forward to going to school. And he gets to wear a uniform -- doesn't have to worry about what to wear on the first day of school. Remember the agony of those decisions? ;-)

love you,

Diana said...

Sounds like you've found a great school. We start Monday as well and had "meet the teacher" night last night for the older two and this afternoon for my little one. They're all really excited to go back to school. Uniforms rock! My kids had to have uniforms for their brief stint at a charter school last year. We loved them. I wish all schools had uniforms.

Michauds said...

CONGRATS ON THE SCHOOL! Sounds like the best choice. I'm sooooo excited for you all sounds perfect.

Sorry I've been out of touch. Flew up to Minnesota for a quick vacation and just got back Wednesday night. Now we are getting ready for the arrival of Hurricane Fay! Want to come down and help us hang shutters?!?!? : )

Lisa and I still want to visit via train. Probably won't happen until Fall now.

HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! And tell Danny he looks real dapper in his uniform.


Jane, Dave, John and Lisa