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Friday, August 15, 2008

Fav Foto Fri

Danny trying to convince Victoria to go down the slide at the school playdate.
Unfortunately the weather was not great, rained off and on. But the kids seemed to have fun and it did not take Danny long to head off with a couple of kids to play :)

Danny was a little shy around the kids he didn't know, but Ms V. had no problem walking right in the middle of everything

This is how you keep the kids happy while you are waiting for the rain deluge to let up so you can get out of the car and go shopping :)

Say Cheese!!
I went to open house at Danny's new school. I got to meet his teacher and several other parents and see his classroom. This is one lucky kid! His teacher is really nice! The class size is 7! The class has an outdoor terrace that she is going to use a lot. Her husband even made a science table for the kids to play at outside. The terrace also overlooks the large pond that Danny fished at during camp.
Danny has to be at school at 7:45 and will meet his teacher and class at the playground where they will walk around the track for 15-20 minutes. This gets some energy out and some socialization done before they get to class.
He will start afterschool Karate and sports next month :)
He is so excited he keeps asking when Monday will be here :) :)
I am going to be the art mom, need to be at school every Thursday for art class :)
I think Victoria is really going to miss having him around, she follows him everywhere. We may look into some classes or two mornings a week at a preschool so she can play with kids her own age.

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Alleen said...

Sounds like an AWESOME, AWESOME school for him! Good for you finding it for him.

I am putting Miss G in preschool twice a week in a couple of weeks since she doesn't get hardly any socialization(not to mention, mommy needs a bit of a break, shhhhh, don't tell).