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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Back in the OR

I just left Gerri at the hospital, they were taking her back into the OR to tweak her surgery from yesterday. I took the time to run to RMH to do some laundry, will eat a good meal, pack some clean undies and then head back before she gets out. The deformed head of her femur slipped after surgery and is sitting against the growth plate, so it has to be pinned into place. Hopefully the Dr can do a quick surgery and slip a pin into the new hardware and it will hold. Otherwise he has to take out the new hardware and redo it all. He said he would have put her into a cast except she has the fixator so she will have a wedge strapped between her legs, will not be allowed to sit all the way up till she heals, and will have her legs wide apart. He doesn't want her traveling while she heals so once we go home we will stay there for a couple of weeks before we come back to get checked out. I will still start turning the screw on her fixator on Wednesday, we just need her hip to heal before she can get mobile.
She was in a great mood all day, even knowing she was going into surgery again, but by 4 when they took us down she was very sad, very tired and hungry! :(
Please pray the quick surgery is a success and she will feel better in a couple of days!!!!

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Sally-Girl! said...

Poor thing!! I have been thinking of her all day!!!