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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Back in Philly!

Early morning, girl time

two peas in a pod, they so love each other!

Danny gives hugs early in the am

We have been doing stretches to get ready for Dr vB

mommy is a tough pt!

she was clicking her heels

The others got into it to help Gerri

mom, they aren't listening to me!

Danny and Victoria helping Gerri stretch

We decided Danny would go on this quick Philly trip, he was VERY excited. Victoria was VERY sad. But while we hung at rmh, they went out to dinner with Uncle Adam and cousin Cole. :)
Happy to be out of the car (after 6 hrs) and playing!
 After an awesome dinner we hung around because a therapy dog was coming!!
Stella (Mrs CLaus) opening up her present!

finding cheerios that were hidden (yes she changes clothes)

They put a cheerio under Gerri's leg and as Stella dug it out she would tickly Gerri :)

Getting a kiss goodnight!!!
Tomorrow am we will be up early and head over to Shriners.
Gerri will have xrays first, her hip and her leg. We are SO hoping dr vB will say her hip is heeled enough for her to start weight bearing, she wants to be upright and walking again.
We are also hoping he will measure and give us an idea of how long we will have to be turning the screw on her fixator.
So prayers for lots of healing!!!!!!!!!

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MoonDog said...

either they put our girl stella in the dryer and SHRUNK her or thats a new therapy dog! our friend stella is a MASTIFF! so I saw the name stella and I was all excited looking for her big jowely mug. and there you have this peppy little spotty girl. funny!