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Friday, December 30, 2011

Catch up!!!!!!!!

Look at me!! I can weight bear, it feels SO good to be upright!

so happy to see Grampy for the family Christmas Eve celebration at our house!!

The girls all together with our girls!!
stepmom, sister Carla with her daughter, me with Victoria and Gerri, mom, Sister Denise with her daughter Katie!

The kids had so much fun playing! we are SO happy to be back with family!

then it was time to open gifts!!
 We had SO much fun with everyone. then it was Christmas night and the kids went to bed!!
the tree was ready - yes I color code the gifts :)

Santa is on a diet, so he only nibbled the cookies

they got up at 7:30! what the he**
They love their presents and new clothes!!

new clothes and new hearttoheart girls :)
 then it was so amazing!! it started to flurry outside!! on our first Christmas back in MA!!
trying to catch the flurries on their tongues
 After a leisurely day at lunch time we turn from Christmas to Gerri's special day - her 8th birthday!!
OMG!! a Barbie Camper!!!!!!!!!!

Very happy 8 yr old!
wow!! more presents!!
 On the day after Christmas we had a little family pizza lunch for Gerri's birthday!
It was her first time having her whole family around for her birthday :)
she helped put the candles on the cup cakes, thank you auntie Carla!

needed lots of tries to blow them all out!

looking over all her presents!!

Victoria had to help, it was killing her!
Here Gerri is opening up her dress up trunk! Thank you Auntie Denise!

All dressed up in her new ballerina leotard!

Chillin out after all the holidays!!

still chillin!!

We have had a long week, it is always hard when we are out of routine and schedule. But luckily school starts again on Tuesday! Gerri has been having her in home tutor 3-4 hours per week. She and Danny have been doing their on line school work every day.
The weather has been unusually warm and then bam! cold!
I got my Christmas present yesterday - remote start for my car!! woo hoo!!
Next weekend Geri and I head back to Philly for her next visit.
The Dr was very happy with her last time. She does not like the new 1/4 turn we do to straighten her lower leg, she says it hurts :( but we have the ice pack ready for her.
She is starting to try to balance on her feet again. When we see the Dr on 1/9 he will measure her legs and we hope that we are done turning the screw! (which means her legs are even lengths) Then we just have to wait till her bone fills in  (consolidates), which could be a couple of months. After she gets measured we get to bring her shoe with the lift to O&P to have the lift shaved off!!! I can't wait to see her face as she SEES the difference. She can't wear her sneakers now because the lift throws her completely off balance.
Hope everyone has a safe, happy, healthy New Year!!!

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MamaPoRuski said...

So glad Christmas went, her smile is huge despite the casts. Praying for your follow up appointment and continued healing!